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Introduction to Off-road Riding Course

Where: Alfie Cox - Cato Ridge

When:  6 Mar, 8 May, 17 Jul & 6 Nov 2020

Duration: 1 Day. 8:00 sharp –  +-16:00.

Includes: Tuition, coffee at arrival, light lunch, drinking water, certification.

Excludes: Fuel, insurance, use of a bike and anything not stated as included above.

Intended for: The course is suitable for off-road training of dual sport/adventure bikes and also valuable to teach the basics to off-road (<550cc) / Enduro bikes.  All brands of bikes welcome!

Prerequisite: You have to be comfortable riding on tar – please note that this is not a course for beginner motorcycle riders.  Tip:  Ride your bike regularly prior to attendance, its helps you to master the techniques taught, easier.


Price: R1250 per rider, Optional: R790 per pillion rider. (minimum 6 students)


The Country TRAX team is looking forward to welcoming you to one of our training venues which has been selected to comply with the high standards of County Trax, considered to be the benchmark of off-road motorcycle training in South Africa.

The academy is headed by Jan ´Staal´ du Toit who started the academy in 2000 and who has since developed a curriculum for courses which is adapted for our South African off-road conditions. Country Trax KZN is jointly operated and managed by a team of two instructors (details above). They are extremely competent and have qualified as instructors under the watchful eye of Jan du Toit. Needless to say, they comply with the national high standard of the academy.
Double your skills and halve your fears in one day.

Country TRAX offers its training to all off-road riders, irrespective of what brand of bike they ride and aims at making a positive contribution to the developement of off-road riding in South Africa.


After meeting everyone over breakfast, the course kicks off with some necessary theory, thereafter practical tuition and plenty of riding on specially prepared training facilities to safely teach you different techniques in a safe environment. It is a intensive course and we recommend you arrive well rested and hydrated (start drinking water the previous day) for the day's training.

This 1 day course is designed to teach you the basic off-road rechniques for all off-road and adventure bikes. The follow-up course is the 3 day Country TRAX Weekend Off-road course offered at Imbabala Lodge near Greytown and also at Pennington (if requested).

Important prerequisite: You have to be comfortable riding on tar – please note that this is not a course for beginner motorcycle riders.

Some key elements that is covered in the course:

  • Basic theory
  • Balancing the bike
  • Throttle and clutch control
  • The correct body position on the bike
  • Basic off-road riding skills
  • Emergency braking techniques


1. Your own motorcycle

  • Any make of off-road or dual purpose bikes are permitted.
  • About tyres: It is not necessary to have off-road (knobblies) tyres fitted. Tyres for dual purpose use are adequate for this course.
  • Full tank of petrol.
  • Puncture repair kit (for tubeless tyres)/spare tubes (for tyres with inner tubes) for emergency repairs should you have a puncture during the day – very unlikely but possible.

2. Full protective gear
Please ensure you bring adequate protective clothing with you to the course. Riding has its inherent risks and we believe in prevention rather than cure!

  • Helmet (plus goggles if using open visor helmet)
  • Boots (Off-road/MX boots are strongly recommended. For safety reasons, NO army/hiking boots allowed or tekkies.
  • Gloves
  • Protective trousers and jacket (or motocross protectors)

3. Other gear

  • Soft cloth/chamois for cleaning visor
  • Cap & sunscreen
  • Camel back is highly recommended if not essential to make sure you do not dehydrate. However, there will be occasional breaks to quench your thirst.
  • Rain suit (if necessary)
  • Tyre pressure gauge (optional)


  1. Candidates are required to be competent motorcycle riders on the road, and be aquinted with the basics of their bike to gain maximum benefit from the course. Please note that this is not a beginner motorcycle course, therefore we require that you have already mastered control of the bike in normal road riding conditions before you arrive.
  2. A reasonable level of fitness is recommended as training can be both quite physically and emotionally intensive.
  3. Drink plenty of water before and during the course.
  4. Especially in the colder months, wear layers of clothing which can be peeled off as it usually gets warmer in the day.
  5. Get a good nights’ sleep on the previous night.
  6. If you have time, familiarize yourself with the controls of your bike as described in the bike’s manual. You should for instance know how to disable the ABS.
  7. If you drink alcohol, we recommend that you minimize your intake of alcohol before and during the course. It influences your body’s ability to balance and focus. This is essential for safety reasons.
  8. In case of rain, consider yourself lucky as you will have the opportunity to learn how to ride in wet conditions!


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